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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


To help you in planning the perfect string quartet performance for your event, here are our answers to some FAQ that you may like to know!


If you can't find an answer to your question(s) below, please feel free to email us at:

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What are your logistics requirements on the day of the event?


The quartet requires 4 armless chairs and 4 condenser microphones with stands for optimum technical support.



How do I book your quartet or get a quote from you?


Thank you for considering Arpeggione Quartet for your event!


Please fill in your contact and event details using our ONLINE FORM, and we will be happy to furnish you with a quote.


Alternatively, you can also email us at



Do you perform outdoors?


Yes, we do. Indeed, outdoor settings often provide scenic backdrops for a performance!


However, please note that conditions such as precipitation and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage to fine string instruments (e.g., the wood may crack when exposed to high heat) and weaken the quality of the performance.


For this reason, we strongly recommend that arrangements be made for the quartet to perform in full shade should the event be held at an outdoor venue.


Do you perform as a string duo (2 musicians) or trio (3 musicians)?


Our extensive REPERTOIRE (including our exclusive in-house arrangements) and standard chamber music repertoire are written almost exclusively for string quartet. Hiring us as a string duo or trio would severely limit this vast musical repertoire that is currently available to you.


More importantly, having 4 instruments or music parts allows for a fuller and richer sound that cannot be offered by a string duo or trio.


For these reasons, we perform only as a string quartet (4 musicians) to offer you a professional and high-quality musical performance.


Do you perform with guest artistes? I have also engaged a band/singer for my event and it would be great if you can collaborate!


Certainly! Collaborations with guest performers are always welcome provided that sheet music is provided, and we will be happy to communicate with them directly prior to the event to discuss the musical details.


More often than not, a combined rehearsal will also be needed. The length of the rehearsal will depend on the complexity of the music collaboration. A fee may apply to rehearsal time (this will be addressed on a case-by-case basis).


How do I select the music that I would like for my event?


If you have definite ideas about the music that you would like, you can browse through our REPERTOIRE LIST to select your music programme. As a guide, please choose between 7 - 9 pieces of music for every 30-min set.


We can also make appropriate recommendations if you let us know the type of ambience that you would like to create at your event or provide us with a few examples of music that you would like performed.


It is our pleasure to help you through your music selection process -- feel free to ask us!


I would like to request for a special piece of music to be performed. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Song requests are a great way to add a meaningful personal touch to an event!


We accept commissions for custom music arrangements that are unavailable in standard string quartet repertoire or on our current REPERTOIRE list. For a modest fee, we can accommodate most requests if sufficient advanced notice is given. Rates will vary depending on the complexity of the commissioned piece of music.


Audio samples of some of our exclusive in-house arrangements are available for listening HERE.


How does the quartet dress?


We dress in smart all-black outfits. If you prefer that we dress differently for your event, please let us know at the time of booking and we will try to accommodate your request.



How early will the quartet arrive at my event?


We typically arrive at your event approximately 30 min before the starting time of the performance to set up and, if necessary, conduct a soundcheck. This complimentary time is included in our quotations for all engagements, and can also be used for a brief rehearsal in the event of a collaboration with guest artistes. Additional waiting and/or rehearsal time is chargeable on a case-by-case basis.



Do you need to be at our wedding rehearsal?

Generally, it is not necessary for the quartet to attend the rehearsal. We will typically arrive at your event at least 30 min earlier to coordinate and confirm the cues with you, your emcee, or any other event I/C. This arrangement will also help you to save an additional expense that is incurred for rehearsal time.


Rest assured that we are highly experienced at adeptly timing the music to a suitable length depending on the exact circumstances during your event. For instance, we will fade out the music appropriately when the walk-in or signing of the register has concluded. This also means that you will not need to time your walk to end with the music -- we will time the music to you.



My wedding and reception are held at different venues. What are your charges like?


We charge for the full length of our engagement from the time that we start playing up till the end of our playing time. This duration includes waiting and travelling time between venues, and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.












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